COURIERtwelve is a script consultant service for feature and short films, TV and stage.


As a writer of feature and short films, TV or stage, you can avail of detailed advice and guidance on concept, plot, character, dialogue, exposition and pacing, as well as the technical aspects of a script, synopsis or treatment.


You receive large quantities of script and treatment submissions every week. COURIERtwelve can help decrease the size of your submissions pile and maybe find that gem within. We can read film and TV scripts, treatments and synopses, provide a detailed report and offer a Recommend/Consider/Pass recommendation.


We will provide full coverage for script competitions, funding programmes and writing festivals, reading through the submissions and providing detailed reports.

‘Thank you for your thorough and considered edit of my play. Your feedback was incisive and accessible and has already transformed the next draft.’ – Paul Kelly, playwright.

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  1. Phil Chambers says:

    Hi Paul, I have just “taken up” writing short stories in the past six months. I have written eight to date. All of these need to be edited and brushed up. My question is, do you provide this kind of service and if so, at what cost. Most of the stories are under the two thousand word threshold.

    Philip Chambers

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