Screenwriting from your Sofa

You can now learn how to write that blockbuster movie from the comfort of home (sofa, kitchen table, bed, bath,…we don’t judge) with our modular screenwriting course.

The course is designed by a practicing film writer, drawing from his fifteen years’ experience in the industry.

Over the seven modules, you will learn all the main elements of writing a feature film –  concept, plot, structure, world-of-the-story, script-formatting, character, dialogue – and will gain valuable insight into selling your script to the film industry.

As the course is designed by module, you have the freedom to just take the ones you want. Or take all seven for a comprehensive study of the art and business of film-writing.

We’ll even spot you the first module to get you going, completely free. Coz we’re nice like that.

The course is broken down into the following modules.

** FREE ** MODULE 1 – Concept and Plot Development

MODULE 2 – Story Structure

MODULE 3 – Script Formatting

MODULE 4 – Pacing

MODULE 5 – Character Development

MODULE 6 – Dialogue

MODULE 7 – Selling your script

Q&A Skype / phone sessions with tutor also available.


Modules can be taken on a one-by-one basis. The discounted fee for each module is €25.00 €70.00, payable in advance by Paypal.


For best value, take all seven modules for €100.00 €420.00.

When you choose a module, it will be sent to you by email. There are exercises as part of each module and the module will be considered completed when the exercises are returned.

If you are doing more that one module, the next module will be sent to you as soon as the exercises for the previous one are received.

Completing any or all of these modules means you can also avail of discounts on our Script Critique, Script Edit and Proofreading services when you do get to the end of your script.

For more information or to get your free Module 1, please get in touch.


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