The ‘Elevator Pitch’

Ever had a chance to pitch your movie to a producer/director in a lift or at the bar and found yourself humming, hawing and falling over your words?

Well now’s your chance to practise your elevator pitch and maybe win a critique of your screenplay.

Pitch your feature or short film (or even radio play, TV show or stage-play) and the best one will win a critique of their script.

Send your pitch of around 25 words (no more than 30…the shorter and sharper the better) to You can also send me an audio or video file if you want to do it that way. Or if you’re feeling really brave, you can tweet your pitch –  make sure to include my twitter handle @courier_twelve in the tweet to make sure I get it.

The best pitch (one that ‘sells’ the film) will win a free critique of the script. This will include suggested improvements to concept, structure, ‘world-of-the-story’, pacing, character and dialogue.

Looking forward to getting those pitches!

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