The Script

As important as loglines, synopses and treatments are (and they are), it’s the script that’s at the centre of every film. It’s the script, or ‘screenplay’, that’s going to tell the movie’s story. More than any other document, it’s the script you will use to sell the film to directors and producers, not to mention that movie star you want to play your hero.

The script does most to encapsulate the movie – it tells the story, shows the characters, structure and pacing and,  of course, lays out the dialogue.

Over the past hundred years or so, the screenplay has evolved into the highly designed and  structured document it is today and, in order for us to make, cast, fund and sell our film, we need to know how to write it well and how to write it correctly.

For more on writing scripts, read my recent column on the online writing magazine

For more information on having your script critiqued or edited, drop us an email or visit Twitter to see what we’re up to.

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