The Treatment

The Treatment is a document used to sell or develop a film or TV show. Sometimes known as the ‘bible’, it contains all the elements, detail of a project and is used to

  • Help sell an idea
  • Show a producer that a writer has significantly developed and understands their idea.
  • Further develop a concept.

In essence, the treatment should give any reader a clear understanding of the basic concept, plot, setting and the principle characters of your story. It will include:

  • Title: A strong and dynamic title which represents the story, plot, character or combination of all
  • Logline: A powerful one or two-sentence statement of the idea being proposed (around 25 words).
  • Synopsis: Three paragraphs outlining the idea in some detail, including the story’s beginning, middle and end (300 – 500 words).
  • Episodes (If For TV): Three or four pages outlining what happens in each episode (around 1000 words total).
  • Characters Biographies: Short descriptions of the main characters (around 100 words per character) mentioning what the most important ‘selling’ point of each character.

For more detail on writing your treatment, drop us an email or visit Twitter to see what we’re up to.

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